About DC Web Designs

DC Web Designs is the only web development company dedicate totally to the small business community, small non-profit groups and organization, or individuals looking to develop their customer and/or donor base, increase their profits or donations, and expand their follower and fan base by providing an affordable and cost effective means of communication and advertising over the internet with a custom designed website.   

We do not and will not use drag and drop website builders to build our clients website, nor will we use website templates, we build every website from the bottom to fit our customer’s needs. We also do our best to find online services that will help enhance their websites allowing our clients to have 100% control over them. Through the use of those online services, our clients can monitor, edit, alter or enhance those services when it is convenient to them.

Guestbook, live chat or video and/or audio broadcasting, live customer service, customer feedback forms, 800 phone numbers, PayPal and/or Amazon store fronts or donation buttons just to name a few, GoFundMe page, and many more services can be added free or for a slight monthly fee to your website, and you, our client, will have 100% control over all of them. Some, but not all of the online services can be embedded into you website.

Another service we offer to all our clients, allows them to monitor the entire design of their website during the design process. Our clients are given a link and password to the design that will allow them to log into their site during the design process. They can see all aspects of the design and suggest changes and alterations.

Contact our Customer Support by e-mail if you have any questions and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding what we can do for you.