About DC Web Designs

DC Web designs is a small web design company dedicated to helping small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and other individuals to acquire an Internet presence to strengthen and build their business, and help them grow. There is no other means of advertising that is as successful and cost-effective as a website.

DC Web Designs will design a website in accordance with our client’s needs. There is no dragging and dropping here to build a website, and our clients have the ultimate say in what goes into it, from the graphics content to text as well. We will build them a Demo site that they can monitor and track the progress during its design.

We will converse with our clients over the phone or in person to get an idea of what they are looking for. At that time, we will start the design. We will pick the background color or image, the font type, size and color. Once the index pages created, our client will receive a link to the Demo Page so they can see what our suggestions are. Once a basic design is agreed with, we will continue the construction and the client can monitor the progress every step of the way and make changes accordingly. Our number one goal is to make our clients happy and to make their website affordable. We will also help them to pick out different services on the Internet that are provided free of charge or at low cost that they can manage and utilize, such as discussion boards, storefronts, eBay accounts, and PayPal accounts just to name a few. We will also help them find the necessary graphics and provide them with links to CC0 content. CC0 is the "no copyright reserved" option in the Creative Commons.

When a client provides graphics for their website, they are also required to provide us a link to that content so that we can verify it is under CC0. This protects them and us from copyright infringement which can cost them and us, thousands of dollars if the owner of the content wishes to pursue the matter in a legal jurisdiction.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for more information.