Advertising Has Never Been so Affordable

Let’s Talk about Affordable Advertising

There is nothing on planet Earth that is more affordable when it comes to advertising than a website. For about 60 to 70 cents a day, you can advertise whatever you want, when you want, as long as you want, and as often as you want. You are not limited to the number of lines, or columns for your advertisement like you are with a newspaper advertisement, and you have unlimited advertising options.

Cost of Newspaper Advertising Today

Now newspapers charge per column inch. A column inch is a unit of space one column wide by one inch high and a typical newspaper usually has 6 columns. Let’s say you want to run an ad in the newspaper for a one day, and your ad is 4 columns wide by 10 inches deep. Your ad is 40 (4×10) column inches total. If the newspaper charges $12 per column inch, you will pay $480 a day to run it. Most full page ads are measured as 6 (columns) x 21 (inches) = 126 column inches at $1,512.00 per-day.

Website Advertising

Stack of coins
  • Website Hosting: Depending upon the hosting service you pick Hosting for your website usually runs around $125.00 to $150.00 a year. Unless you want a Secured Socket Link (SSL) that will cost you more, along with some of the other bells and whistles.
  • Domain Name Registration: Most often, domain names run about $25 - $30 a year. Some domain names can cost a little bit more per year but not much
  • Graphics: You have unlimited options when it comes to using graphics on your website. You can use unlimited photographs, drawings, clipart and so on.
  • Text: There is no limitation to the amount of text you can place on your website. You can say what you want without any concern of how many lines or columns you use.
  • Video: You can use video for advertising. You can create YouTube videos and embedded them into your website or you can host your video files on your server. Again, you're not limited to the amount of video files you use for your advertisements.
  • Audio: You can place audio advertisements on your website; you can also use music, and sound effects.
  • Pages: Your website can contain an unlimited number of pages
  • Contact, Feedback and Other Forms: Contact and feedback forms are great when you want to keep up on what your customers and your clients have to say about your products, or the service you offer. Contact forms are especially good when someone has a question to ask and don't want to call you.
  • Online Payments and Online Sells: You can set it up with your bank or PayPal to accept Online payments from your customers. You can also sell products from your website. Although I do not recommend it for small businesses because it is usually pretty costly depending upon the bank you use.
  • Sell on eBay or Amazon: You sell your products on eBay or Amazon with a storefront on you website, or link to the item on eBay or Amazon.
  • Open a Store Front: There are Online store fronts that will help you sell your products and services. People can also make payments to you through your website. Your banker can supply you with all the information you will need.
  • Hours of Operation: Post your hours of operation so your customers will know when you are open and when you are closed.
  • Special Offers: You can post weekly special offers and other sales that you have going on. You can make printable coupons or use a cold and number for your customers to use when they come into your business.