DW Masonry Gallery PRO

Create stunning responsive photo galleries with multiple albums, infinite loading, lightbox, hover effects and much more.

Manage your photo galleries online with the Web Admin component. This component can be added to your website with just a few clicks in the friendly Dreamweaver interface. Then you or your client can use it to add or modify photos, albums, descriptions and much more.

Web Admin auto-detects all the masonry galleries in your site and displays them in a list where you can easily switch the gallery you're working on. You can also manage multiple albums in each gallery and add as many pictures as you like. Keep your private space private, with the easy setup for username and password. You can also add your own logo to the Web Admin component to give it a touch of personality.

Photo galleries created with DW Masonry Gallery PRO adapt on-the-fly when accessed from mobile and tablet devices. The width of images changes, the number of images per row as well, and touch events are added for smoother interaction on mobile devices.

On mobile devices, the gallery uses a different set of images with smaller sizes to ensure that the images will load fast and the mobile user will have a smooth experience. If you want to completely change the look and functionality of the gallery or maybe just to tweak it a bit, we’ve got you covered. The UI allows you to change almost anything: dimensions, number of images per row, album settings, text position, lightbox settings, image effects, colors, typography and more. With the Image Manager you don't have to worry about resizing images. Just add the images into your albums and the Image Manager takes care of the rest. It will create multiple resized versions of your photos for mobile, tablet, desktop and lightbox. You can also set links on each image, titles, descriptions and ALT texts.

The Masonry Gallery Dreamweaver extension comes with a built-in lightbox feature. The lightbox component includes 2 predefined designs and can be styled as well - you can change its background color, the text position, typography for text, etc. And of course, it supports swipe gestures when it’s open on mobile devices.

With DW Masonry Gallery you can use albums to organize your photo gallery. You can then style album buttons to look exactly how you want them using the visual interface. And if you don’t want albums, you can choose to deactivate them. We have added many effects to make your gallery stand-out. You can make your photos black & white when idle and full color when the mouse cursor is over them, you can rotate or scale them, use shadow, and fade them out when one is in focus and more. To ensure fast loading, the gallery only loads part of the images by default. You can choose to display more images either on scroll or by clicking a “Load More” button. With DW Masonry Gallery you can create cool image collages by using images with different dimensions and by setting the gallery to display some images larger than the others. You can easily configure the gallery to show the titles and descriptions at all times or only on mouse-over. You can also customize the text styling, background color, etc.

DW Masonry Gallery Demo

You can navigate around the gallery below. Just think of some of the possibilities this gallery has to offer for some of your advertisement needs.

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