Services - Standard and Optional

Standard Services are the main keys used when designing your website.

Optional Services are the extras used when designing your website. Although you do not need them, most of them would be of some use to your businesses website. Call (402) 317- 8452 for more information.

Standard Services

  • 100% Mobile compatible
  • Hosting Service and Domain Name Registration
  • HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Spry, and Java coding
  • DW Off Screen Menus
  • Spry Navigation Menus
  • Image file conversion and optimization
  • Video file conversion and optimization
  • Embed PDF files
  • Dreamweaver Carousels
  • Dreamweaver Reveal FX
  • Flexi Lightbox Slideshow
  • HTML5 video and audio embedding
  • YouTube video embedding
  • Google Calendars embedding
  • Google Maps embedding
  • Spry Tooltips
  • Spry Accordion
  • Spry Tabbed Panel
  • Spry Collapsible Panel

Optional Services

  • E-mail address encryption   recomended
  • Phone number encryption   recomended
  • Business address encryption   recomended
  • IP Address Access Deny
  • E-mail Address Blocking
  • Thunderbird Email Manager
  • Chroma-key Photography (call for information)
  • Photo restorations (call for information)
  • Photo Touch-up (call for information)
  • YouTube account setup
  • Embedding YouTube Videos in Google Maps
  • Facebook account setup
  • Document file conversion to PDF
  • Adobe Media Encoder CS6
  • Adobe Premiere Elements 14
  • Google Calendar Setup